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One-On-One Extendsim Training

Customized Simulation training

Sometimes a public simulation class working through generic case studies isn't quite the right learning method for you.  Generic case studies are great as they can be designed to bring out specific teaching points which should be applicable in many industries.  However, sometimes if it isn't YOUR problem then it might not be interesting to you.  Interesting problems are the key to learning! Sometimes project deadlines are so tight that you don't have time to wait for the next public class.  Sometimes you are in between learning needs.  Maybe you are almost too experienced for the basics but not quite experienced enough for the advanced classes.  Maybe you need to learn a little about everything, but you can't afford to spend 3 weeks in class.  Sometimes you just want the class focused on YOUR problem. Well, the One-On-One class is for you.  This class has full customization potential.  We can pick and choose the topics you need.   We learn through my case studies and then apply the learning to your problem.  We can hold the class at a date of your convenience. We can host the class in my office in Knoxville, TN or your office.  We can go at YOUR speed.  

HOWEVER, you need to be aware that this isn't the typical class. This is not a typical student / teacher interaction. YOU are the focus and I am there to mentor you through the learning process. You are the one driving the show. You are the one connected to the screen. You are the one building the examples. You are the one building your own model. I am there to guide you step by step. If this is for you then let me know!